Having Issues with Your RV Slides? We’ll Fix Them!

RV slides, also called slide-outs, are the hard-sided pop-out sections on some RVs. They are a popular way to add extra space to your RV. Unfortunately, any part of an RV can wear out or become damaged, and slides are no exception. The sliding system may become unaligned from its track, causing the whole slide-out to get stuck. If the motor that powers the slide fails, you may be unable to extend or retract it. Even if you’re lucky enough to avoid all accidents, normal wear and tear will eventually cause issues with your slide-out.

You can prevent many problems with periodic maintenance checks. If your slide-out is regularly inspected, you can spot minor problems before they turn into major ones. While it is possible to perform some maintenance checks and basic repairs yourself, you’ll get better results from a professional RV repair service. Thanks to their experience, professionals are more likely to notice issues that ordinary people might overlook. For best results, look no further than Good Sam RV ProCare.

About Good Sam RV ProCare

Good Sam RV ProCare is a family-owned RV repair service. We provide general maintenance, extended warranty repairs, restoration services, and more. You can even get seasonal services for your whole RV, slide-outs included. The winterization service is perfect for preparing your RV for harsh winter weather. Since slides tend to be poorly insulated compared to the RV mainframe, this is extra important if you’re planning a winter trip.

No matter how good your maintenance is, a few accidents are inevitable. If your slide-out gets damaged in an accident, Good Sam RV ProCare can help you. Good Sam RV ProCare has locations in multiple states, and each location covers a 60-mile service area. Even better, Good Sam RV ProCare provides mobile RV repairs.

What Are Mobile RV Repairs?

Mobile RV repairs are repair services that come to you on-demand, rather than requiring you to drive a damaged RV to a repair shop. The whole point of an RV is that it’s easy to pack up and move with, and mobile RV service is designed to accommodate this fact. You may not always be near a traditional repair service provider when you need one, and that’s why Good Sam RV ProCare employs a highly qualified staff of mobile repair technicians.

If you sign up for mobile RV service, you’re covered no matter where you are. If you encounter a problem with your slide-out, all you have to do is call Good Sam RV ProCare. A mobile repair technician will arrive at your location within 24 hours of receiving your call. After the technician fixes your problem, you can continue with your trip.

Common RV Slide Problems

Your technician will have an easier time helping you if you can correctly describe the problem with your slide. Here are some common issues to watch out for.

Book a Repair Appointment

To learn more about Good Sam RV ProCare and book an appointment, just check out the Good Sam RV ProCare website. You can request a service quote to estimate the costs for different services. Remember, Good Sam RV ProCare doesn’t just handle RV slide issues. We also service air conditioners, hydraulic systems, roofing, awnings, and pretty much every other part of an RV. There’s no better choice for mobile RV repairs.

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