Reliable Mobile RV Service Wherever You Are

RVs and motor homes allow you to create and share enjoyable moments on the road with your loved ones. But without proper service, breakdowns can become inevitable, stressful obstacles. Ensure a smooth journey by having a reliable mobile RV service company on standby, like Good Sam RV ProCare! 

What Is a Mobile RV Service?

A mobile trailer service is a form of repair service where expert RV technicians come to your location. Instead of towing your rig to a repair shop, the professionals come to you wherever you are. These technicians are adept at handling various problems that may arise in your motor home.

What Are the Common RV Problems You May Face?

Modern RVs and trailers are fitted with a variety of features to help you have a comfortable camping experience. The intense road vibrations and extreme weather your RV goes through on different terrains contribute to significant wear and tear. Luckily, the right mobile RV repair service can help you with the following:

Air Conditioning Unit Problems

A properly functioning AC unit is a must-have before you can start traveling on hot summer vacations. Although some AC problems are easy to solve, you need expert knowledge of electric circuitry to avoid worsening the problem. Your mobile technician can perform thorough diagnostics checks and correct malfunctioning parts like circuit breakers and thermostats.

Engine Vehicle Inspections

Motor homes are large and sturdy vehicles used for long-distance travel. The vehicle also spends a considerable amount of time under storage during cold winter months, which puts a lot of strain on the RV’s engine. Mobile RV service experts can help you with detailed engine inspections. The service covers changing the oil and replacing the filters along with inspecting the fuel, coolant, and hydraulic systems.  

Leaking Roof

Your trailer’s roof provides cover while you are on vacation. However, harsh weather may create leaks that can worsen without proper maintenance. A qualified mobile RV technician can easily check for leaks and repair any gaps in your vents and seams. Prompt repairs and maintenance can safeguard you from water soaking through the RV’s framework and causing costly damage.

Slide Out and Door Repairs

Squeaking and jammed slide-outs or doors are a nuisance that can occur due to poor maintenance. The accumulation of debris and grime in rails can limit slide-outs proper sealing and accelerate the rusting of door hinges. To avoid replacing worn-out doors and slide-outs, have a mobile RV expert carefully identify and correct the early signs of deterioration.

Maintaining the Awning

RVs often have awnings that provide extra shade around your campsite. The awning requires regular cleaning and proper drying before storage to ensure longer service life. When you need to replace a worn-out awning, you can call an RV tech for assistance. The professionals at Good Sam RV ProCare can also help with:

What Are the Pros of a Mobile RV Service?


Hooking your RV to a tow rig and hauling it to a service center can be a hassle, so we come right to you. Whether you’re at a campground or at home, our techs offer on-site RV repair.


Within 75 miles of Good Sam RV ProCare’s service locations? We come to you!

Save more money and time by scheduling a remote diagnosis via video chat! Our technicians will diagnose the issue over the phone, order necessary parts, and schedule to come out for a one-trip fix.


With our experienced and RVDA Certified technicians, you can rest assured that job will be done correctly the first time.

Choose Good Sam RV ProCare

Regular maintenance and repairs are crucial to improving the life of your motorhome. At Good Sam RV ProCare, we offer general maintenance and repairs, insurance estimates and extended warranties, and upgrades at your convenience. For further inquiries on mobile RV services, contact us and schedule an appointment with our experts.

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