Prep Your RV For Summer: Essential Tune-Up Guide

Your RV is you home away from home to travel the world and make memories with your family and friends. To ensure your RV lasts for years, show it some love with regular care and maintenance. As an RV owner, taking the time for upkeep is a key part of the journey.

Whether you are an experienced RV owner or new to the scene, one of the most important factors is maintenance. Your RV needs to be checked more often than a regular vehicle would, but it is not only regular maintenance you need to perform. Weatherizing your moving home for each season with seasonal maintenance is equally as essential.

Different weather conditions can impact your RV if it is not properly maintained. For example, extreme weather can cause the water inside your RV to expand, resulting in your pipes busting or equipment failing due to floods. Let Good Sam RV ProCare keep your RV well maintained with our mobile RV maintenance team. Schedule an appointment with us, and we’ll handle the rest.

On-Site Seasonal Service 

When we’ve completed our travels, we often leave our RVs sitting outside and exposed to elements for days at a time, if not for months, without checking up on them. Exposing your RV to harsh weather conditions can lead to expensive and timely problems. Having foresight for RV summer prep before going on a trip can help avoid delays and further frustration. Our on-site seasonal maintenance services help prevent these types of problems from occurring, giving you the chance to start your next adventure sooner and smoother rather than later. 

The more traveling you do in your RV, the more you will realize the importance of regular maintenance as well as seasonal maintenance. Routine maintenance keeps your RV roadworthy, whereas seasonal maintenance prepares your RV for the changing seasons.

Summer prep for RVs include the following:

At Good Sam RV ProCare, we aim to make the entire experience easy and stress-free for you. As a result of being a mobile RV maintenance service, we will keep your RV in tip-top shape regardless of where you are or where you’re going. 

Why Choose Good Sam RV ProCare:


Good Sam RV ProCare offers on-site Spring and Winterization packages, giving you the chance to keep your RV adventure-ready. 

Gearing up for winter can seem like an overwhelming task for such a big vehicle, but it doesn’t have to be. Let us take charge of your RV throughout the winter seasons. Our winterization packages will give you peace of mind when it comes to looking after your RV throughout the harsh winters. 


If you have a history of getting your RV checked too late or completely forgetting it, our on-site seasonal maintenance service is for you, especially if you are concerned about whether the winters have damaged your RV in any way. We provide expert services on the manner and are guaranteed to have it fixed (if necessary) and ready for you before your first trip away.

Peace of Mind

Regardless of the season, we’ve got you covered. Good Sam RV ProCare offers a winterization and Spring package for you, making it the easiest decision of your life. We will winterize the RV and, when the time has come, perform a start-up for Spring. 


Over the years, we have gained excellent client trust and loyalty, and you can see why. We have expert and RVDA-certified technicians on-site, making sure that the work being done is accurate and error-free. 

Once you know your RV has been taken care of and is completely ready for summer, you can head off to your next adventure without a worry. Always remember, we at Good Sam RV ProCare care about you getting to your next dream destination safely, so when in doubt, contact us and we will be there. 

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