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Owning an RV allows you to experience amazing adventures with friends and family. Packed with unique accessories to keep you comfy during outdoor escapades, one standout accessory is the RV awning. It’s easy to operate and plays numerous roles while on the road, making your road trips a breeze.

Let’s dive into the various types of awnings, breaking down each for distinct benefits that cater to your specific needs on the road. Plus, we’ve got your back with top-tier repair services. When your trusty awning needs a little love, we’re here to make it as good as new.

RV with awning extended parked at a desert campground

What Are RV Awnings?

RV awnings, fabric extensions supported by aluminum arms, enhance camper functionality. The sloped design of one end ensures effective runoff of rain, dew, or precipitation. There are a range of options for awning replacements, whether you’re upgrading from preinstalled versions or customizing to suit your preferences.

What Are the Different Types of RV Awnings?

There are two main types of RV awnings: fixed and retractable awnings. Fixed awnings, permanently attached over windows and doors, offer constant weather protection. However, they may pose challenges such as instability while driving, leading to potential repairs.

Manual RV Awning

The manual RV awning opens and closes using a user-friendly torsion spring mechanism within the installed awning roller tube. Control the extension or retraction effortlessly with a manual switch, positioning the awning to your preference. Stabilize with inner and outer arm supports. You may need help in pitching your awning. Alternatively, you can partially pitch one side before going to the other to set up your awning fully.

Automatic RV Awning

Automatic or motorized awnings draw power from your RV to mechanically open or close. At the touch of a button, awning arms effortlessly extend and retract through a spring tensioning system from installed gas pistons. In the event of minor power or motor issues, these can be manually operated for added flexibility.

What Material Can You Choose for Your RV Awnings?

Both awning types come in different subtypes that require careful maintenance to avoid costly repairs. These subtypes include:

Acrylic Awnings

Acrylic awnings are one of the most common materials with a few unique advantages. This fabric excels in repelling water and withstanding diverse weather conditions. Acrylic awnings are also breathable, allowing for good air circulation. However, it’s important to note that acrylic is not waterproof and prolonged exposure to strong rainstorms and wind may cause overstretching, potentially leading to extensive damage and the need for repair.

Vinyl Awnings

Vinyl awnings are another common variety that offers excellent resistance to fading and scratching. With waterproof properties, this fabric effectively shields against UV rays, road grime, and pollution. Vinyl awnings, however, may attract dust and dirt, potentially fostering mold or mildew growth when overlooked.

Which RV Awning Accessories Can You Add?

A few accessories you can install to complement your RV awnings include:

LED Awning Lights

LED bulbs are an efficient and cost-effective light source for enhancing your camping experience. Explore a spectrum of colors and dynamic LED patterns to set the perfect mood. Whether you need a powerful reading light or a soothing nighttime glow, most LED lights offer adjustable brightness for whatever you need.

Side Blockers and Sun Blockers

Awnings do a fair job of shielding you from the hot summer sun. Enhance your sun protection by including side blockers and sun blockers for a comprehensive shield. These blockers, available in transparent options, not only keep you safe from the heat but also let you soak in the beauty of nature without the risk of heatstroke.

RV Mats

Elevate your outdoor space with awning mats, useful accessories that redefine comfort and cleanliness. Mats create a welcoming boundary, protecting your rest area from wet or muddy conditions, and let you easily set up chairs and tables without worrying about mounds, rocks, or uneven grass. They’re functional and add a touch of sophistication, allowing you to customize your RV setup with stylish colors and designs.

How Do You Care for Your RV Awning?

Although your awning is designed to withstand various weather conditions, it requires proper maintenance to ensure a long life. A few simple yet time-saving maintenance tips include:

Let Good Sam RV ProCare Fix or Replace Your Broken Awning

Facing challenges with your RV awning, such as tears, issues with opening, or difficulties with retractions? Sometimes, the damage may be too severe, demanding replacement. Good Sam RV ProCare is ready to help!

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