Expert Solutions for Your RV’s LP Gas Issues

You finally hooked up and stabilized your RV. So, you decide it’s time for a cup of hot cocoa and some freshly baked brownies. No problem, pull out the brownie mix and the kettle then turn on the stove and the oven to preheat. 

Before you can even sit down, you notice a problem. It could be that the stove or oven didn’t light, the flames are flickering and the wrong color, or worse yet, you could smell gas! Don’t panic. Turn off the burner and the oven and start troubleshooting to determine if you need RV LP gas repair. 

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Troubleshooting LP Gas Problems 

No Flame, No Gas Smell 

If nothing happens when you try to light the stove or oven, there are no flames and no gas smell, there are three likely problems. One is that you failed to connect or open the gas valve, and this is an issue you can safely fix yourself. Ensure the connection is secure and turn on the valve

Another possible cause of this problem is that your LP gas canister is empty. Hopefully, you have another one with you. If not, a trip to a local grocery or convenience store is needed.

The third possibility is that the excess flow valve on your regulator has determined there is a gas leak and shut the flow of gas down. This could be caused by a check valve failure or an actual leak. Sometimes, if there is a sudden demand for gas, like if the refrigerator kicks on at the same time as the heater and you happen to be cooking, the excess flow valve will misinterpret that as a leak and shut off the flow of gas.

Turn off unnecessary gas draws and see if the problem fixes itself. You may have a faulty excess flow valve or an actual leak if it doesn’t. In these cases, it would be best to have a professional determine the cause of the shut-off.

Little or No Flame With Gas Smell 

If you turn on the burner and the flame sputters or does not ignite, and you smell gas, this is a more serious problem. The most likely cause of this is a hole in the diaphragm or other problem with the regulator’s seals. Leave this fix to the professionals unless you have the proper equipment and knowledge of how the regulator works.

Flame Varies in Size and Color 

If you light the burner and the flame bounces up and down or changes color, there is likely a problem with the regulator. The flame should burn steadily without sputtering, and it should be blue. This issue is, again, best addressed by professionals.

Flame is Fine but Smells of Gas 

If your burner lights just fine and maintains a steady burn, but you smell gas, this is probably due to a leak in the hose that transports the gas from the tank to the stove. This is an easy fix if you carry spare hoses with you. Please do not attempt to fix the leak with duct tape or other sealants. Contact a certified professional to have the leak fixed safely. 

Popping Noises

If you hear crackling or popping noises when you turn on the burner or shortly after it is turned off, this can also be a sign of a problem with the regulator. Repairing this issue requires installing a new regulator, so you may want to leave this to the professionals unless you have the tools and know-how.

Who To Call 

It is easy to say, “contact a certified professional.” It may not be as easy to do if you don’t know where to look. Good Sam RV ProCare has just the professional RV technicians you are looking for. And we’re a mobile RV service operation!

Good Sam RV ProCare will bring all of the equipment, including hoses, sealants, regulators, and the skills needed to fix any LP gas issue.

And we can can help you with many other problems you may encounter while traveling. Did your refrigerator go on the blink? Did your roof develop a leak during the last rainstorm? Are there problems with your hot water heater, awning, fresh water or sewage tanks, air conditioning, or heat? We can help you with those issues and so many more.

To request help or get a quote, call 833-782-2731 or visit  rvprocare.goodsam.com.

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